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Programmable DC Power Supplies

Built on over 40 years of innovative power electronics design and manufacturing expertise

Robust Current-Fed Power Processing • 160,000+ Configurations

Magna-Power's MagnaDC product line of programmable DC power supplies has evolved over 40 years, incorporating the latest innovations in power electronics and building upon Magna-Power's signature current-fed power processing topology. Using a common control platform, the product line spans over 160,000 configurations, covering an extremely wide range of voltages and currents, allowing users to accurately select an appropriately rated product without needing to oversize their power supply. Standard options are offered to tailor performance or cooling for the intended application.

All MagnaDC programmable DC power supplies feature a common SCPI command-set and come standard with LabVIEW drivers, IVI drivers, software GUI, safety interlock, and isolated external I/O port. In addition, all Magna-Power products are designed to operate at peak ratings, continuously, at 50°C.

MagnaDC Configuration Tool and Instant Quote

Key Product Line Features

  • SCPI Remote Programming API
  • High Accuracy Measurements
  • Master-Slave Functionality
  • Remote Sensing
  • 37-Pin External User I/O
  • RS232 Interface
  • Ethernet and GPIB Available
  • 0-10V External Analog Inputs
  • Programmable Protection Limits
  • Fast Transient Response
  • Remote Interface Software
  • Interlock Shutdown Input
  • Made in the USA

Options and Accessories

The following are options and accessories developed specifically for Magna-Power's programmable dc power supplies

Integrated Options

Standard integrated options are available for Magna-Power products, allowing the product's performance and communication interfaces to be tailors to the specific application.

High Slew Rate Output

Option Code: +HS

Availability: SL Series , XR Series , TS Series , MT Series

A hardware and control modification that replaces the standard output stage with one of low capacitance film and/or high RMS current rated aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This option provides higher bandwidth with faster output rise and fall times.

LXI TCP/IP Ethernet

Option Code: +LXI

Availability: SL Series , XR Series , TS Series , MT Series

TCP/IP Ethernet communication protocol and single RJ-45 interface, certified to the LXI Class C standard, for socket communications using conventional computer networks


Option Code: +GPIB

Availability: SL Series , XR Series , TS Series , MT Series

IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) communication interface providing full command support and compatibility with other GPIB devices

High Isolation Output

Option Code: +ISO

Availability: TS Series , MT Series

Available for models rated for 250 Vdc to 1000 Vdc, the +ISO option greatly increases the output isolation, used when the application demands floating or tying units in series beyond the standard ±1000 Vdc output isolation rating.

Integrated Blocking Diode

Option Code: +BD

Availability: TS Series , MT Series

An internally heatsinked protection diode on the positive output terminal of a MagnaDC programmable DC power supply to protect the product's output from reverse voltages far exceeding the product's output voltage rating.

Water Cooling

Option Code: +WC

Availability: TS Series

Using an integrated central heat exchanger and specially wound magnetic components, water cooling is available for select Magna-Power power supplies for use in densely packaged system cabinets, where heat removal by the product's standard air cooling presents a challenge.


Option Code: +RUG

Availability: SL Series , XR Series

Internal product ruggedization, which has been independently tested to comply with select MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration specifications.