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White Papers

An Overview of Current-Fed Power Processing

A technical paper on Magna-Power Electronics signature current-fed power processing topology with a comparison to alternative approaches to high-power switch-mode power supply design.

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Electronic Loads — A New Generation

A technical paper on the various electronic load technologies and a technical overview of Magna-Power Electronics patented (US Patent 9,429,629) Active Resistance Technology.

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Control Loop Modulation Applied to Programmable DC Power Supplies

Modulation allows a set point adjustment of voltage or current by another input. Modulation signals can be derived from an external device, such as a thermistor, or from sampling output current or voltage.

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Getting the Best Performance from AC to DC Power Supplies in Abusive Environments

Five frequently seen power supply integration problems that may affect the product's lifespan and measures for correcting them, including: power supply grounding, line voltage, switching remote sense leads, over current trip fault, and operating environment.

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Peak-to-Peak Output Voltage Measurements of Switching Power Supplies

The peak-to-peak output voltage measurement requires a setup that is difficult for customers to replicate. This article explores the methods and physical apparatuses used by Magna-Power to measure peak-to-peak output voltage ripple.

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Current-Fed Power Processing—Ride Through Robustness

Magna-Power’s design philosophy focuses on developing power circuits capable of riding through potentially damaging conditions. This article explores this design philosophy in more detail, along with the company's MagnaDC power supply's signature current-fed power processing.

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Improving Output Performance of Switching Power Supplies Using the New DBx Module

The series-connected DBx Module deploys wrap-around high-resolution digital controls and multi-stage filtering to provide ultra-high performance from conventional switching programmable DC power supplies.

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User Stories

Solar Emulation at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Image

Solar Emulation at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Exploration of the goals of The Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) ESIF facility and utilization of a 1.5 MW Magna-Power solar array emulator.

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Battery Charging for the Rensselaer Formula Hybrid Team Image

Battery Charging for the Rensselaer Formula Hybrid Team

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Formula Hybrid team utilized Magna-Power's SL Series programmable DC power supply for their hybrid vehicle's next-generation lithium-ion battery charger.

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