Innovation in Programmable Power

Magna-Power designs and manufactures robust programmable power products in the USA that set industry standards for quality, size, and control. The company’s experience in power electronics is reflected in its 1.25 kW to 2000 kW+ product line, quality service, and reputation for excellence. Today, you will find Magna-Power’s standard products at its thousands of customers worldwide, aiding in the manufacture of electric vehicles, simulating solar arrays for development of inverters, steering magnets for particle accelerators, powering radar systems, driving traction controllers for locomotive development, or at a wide range of Universities for cutting-edge energy research.

Quick Facts

Year Founded

Total Power Shipped
300+ megawatts (and counting!)

Headquarters and Manufacturing Location
Flemington, New Jersey USA

Facility Size
73,500 ft2

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Magna-Power's Story

Founded in 1981 originally with the intent of being a power electronics, lighting, and magnetics research and development company, Magna-Power pivoted several times before becoming the high-power product design and manufacturer that it is today. Learn more about the company's story and the path that eventually led it to the vertically integrated volume manufacturer that it is today.

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Vertically Integrated USA Manufacturing

Magna-Power Electronics products are proudly made in the USA at the company's vertically integrated, company designed and owned 73,500 ft2 headquarters in Flemington, New Jersey. All engineering, manufacturing and North America product servicing is performed at the company's headquarters.

Magna-Power Electronics utilizes vertical integration in its manufacturing process for complete control over quality, cost, and lead-time of its made-to-order products. As the company has grown, more operations have been internalized.

Vertical integration enables Magna-Power to manufacture a very broad line of sophisticated electronic products, while still maintaining industry leading lead-times. Housing engineering and manufacturing teams in the same facility forces strong collaboration between the two teams for continual process and product improvements.

Internal Company Processes

  • Research and development
  • Magnetics winding
  • Magnetic core punching and cutting
  • Full sheet metal operations
  • EDM and CNC machining
  • Cable harnessing
  • Powder coating
  • Air- and water-cooled heat-sink fabrication
  • Surface-mount and through-hole printed circuit board assembly
  • Final assembly, testing, and burn-in

Now Hiring

Working at Magna-Power

Quality and development of Human Resources is strategic for Magna-Power, as we emphasize personnel selection and professional growth for the success of the company.

Magna-Power has a dynamic, skilled team with high-level competence in a wide range of technological fields. Knowledge results from several different factors, such as working relationships, experience, continuous ambition to tackle new problems, personal ability to increase individual competencies, and integration among different high-tech disciplines.

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