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Fuentes de Alimentación CC Programables

Built on over 40 years of innovative power electronics design and manufacturing expertise

Topología IGBT current-fed para procesado robusto de potencia

La linea extensa de fuentes de potencia CC Magna-Power junto con las opciones integradas suma miles de posibles configuraciones para un amplio rango de aplicaciones.

MagnaDC Configuration Tool and Instant Quote

Key Product Line Features

  • SCPI Remote Programming API
  • High Accuracy Measurements
  • Master-Slave Functionality
  • Remote Sensing
  • 37-Pin External User I/O
  • RS232 Interface
  • Ethernet and GPIB Available
  • 0-10V External Analog Inputs
  • Programmable Protection Limits
  • Fast Transient Response
  • Remote Interface Software
  • Interlock Shutdown Input
  • Made in the USA

Options and Accessories

The following are options and accessories developed specifically for Magna-Power's programmable dc power supplies

Integrated Options

Standard integrated options are available for Magna-Power products, allowing the product's performance and communication interfaces to be tailors to the specific application.

High Slew Rate Output

Option Code: +HS

Availability: SL Series , XR Series , TS Series , MT Series

A hardware and control modification that replaces the standard output stage with one of low capacitance film and/or high RMS current rated aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This option provides higher bandwidth with faster output rise and fall times.

LXI TCP/IP Ethernet

Option Code: +LXI

Availability: SL Series , XR Series , TS Series , MT Series

TCP/IP Ethernet communication protocol and single RJ-45 interface, certified to the LXI Class C standard, for socket communications using conventional computer networks


Option Code: +GPIB

Availability: SL Series , XR Series , TS Series , MT Series

IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) communication interface providing full command support and compatibility with other GPIB devices

High Isolation Output

Option Code: +ISO

Availability: TS Series , MT Series

Available for models rated for 250 Vdc to 1000 Vdc, the +ISO option greatly increases the output isolation, used when the application demands floating or tying units in series beyond the standard ±1000 Vdc output isolation rating.

Integrated Blocking Diode

Option Code: +BD

Availability: TS Series , MT Series

An internally heatsinked protection diode on the positive output terminal of a MagnaDC programmable DC power supply to protect the product's output from reverse voltages far exceeding the product's output voltage rating.

Water Cooling

Option Code: +WC

Availability: TS Series

Using an integrated central heat exchanger and specially wound magnetic components, water cooling is available for select Magna-Power power supplies for use in densely packaged system cabinets, where heat removal by the product's standard air cooling presents a challenge.


Option Code: +RUG

Availability: SL Series , XR Series

Internal product ruggedization, which has been independently tested to comply with select MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration specifications.